Do You Feel It

Written by Paghunda Zahid |
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It that time of the year

When everybody comes out of their fears

Every Life is enjoying this phase

For Weather is too good these days

After the freezing winters

That sucked last drop of blood from ever splinter


Gale is no longer gale

It has become a pleasant Breeze

So good it feels when it touches your skin

A bit cold but delightfullike a cozy inn

You close your eyes and you feel

As if Wind is penetrating in your veins

Substituting all worries

With a glint of warm fuzzes


Sky too is dark blue these days

Stars emit more brighter rays

Moon looks bigger and more bewitching

Driving you crazy and do unhitching


Long walks under the moon

And enjoying solitude’s tune

Along with the shadows of the trees

And sweet, sweet sound of the Breeze

when it is awakening the leaves

From their tiresome winter sleep


How amicably the World walks and sings 

While paving ways for the Spring

Can you feel it??

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Author: Paghunda Zahid
I post my poems there👉 I love putting my thoughts into words..
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