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Written by Alishah Ali |
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The scars on my body doesn’t tell you my story

The way I dress doesn’t allow you to judge me

The things I let you know are only good ones

What you see in me is what I allow you to see

The color of my skin is all you see?

The color of my skin doesn’t bother me but isn’t it the way you once felt the same about me? Until we were shattered by those beauties in magazines that made us feel bad about everything. Now every color is in the race to be bright while some got needles and others play with knives.

Now a mother is more concern about her daughter’s appearance than her simplicity and trueness. She wants her daughter to be no less than other that is why we are still on a path finding ourselves for better but don’t you see? We are getting nowhere better. She was born with those sparkling eyes and giggles every time she smiles, the only thing that her aunt saw was color that bothered her eyes. From young age she was been trapped by those promises of others that it’ll make her skin bright but little do they know, they all were stopping her to be the light. She chose to stay aside from the sparkling light as she was already been taught that there was something wrong with her life.

She adores everyone from a distance, she make her way out through that smile but no one knows she’s depressed inside. The one thing that she adores, when sun comes bright and there she knows, we all look same in the shadow. Here she believes in herself again that she’s no longer captive of color of her skin. These shades only separate us though I see beautiful faces everywhere I go.

Listening to the melodies of most girls, seeing their sparkling eyes I wonder how everyone got their story, how they kept along so long but little do I know from where they came from.

Later I got to know every scar has a story, no bruise forever hurts, behind every laugh there’s one struggling to fight for hopes. Making those fire look like glitters is what they do, those sparkles that attract everyone are actually the reason of their broken hearts that’s been healed quite well now. Thus, always remember you are not the only one here and the things that bother others are things that make you more stronger.

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Author: Alishah Ali
A normal being with many extra ordinary dreams, i like to write but not what exactly i feel just what comes to my mind and i think that's where the uniqueness starts. I'm not a regular writer and i guess no one is but yes i do like to write.


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