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A normal being with many extra ordinary dreams, i like to write but not what exactly i feel just what comes to my mind and i think that's where the uniqueness starts. I'm not a regular writer and i guess no one is but yes i do like to write.


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I'm Alishah Ali, 20 years old. I live in Karachi, Pakistan. I'm a student of journalism. From a very young age i used to write no matter how foolish that was but i continued anyway. I've two elder brothers, both of them are creative in their own ways. Being brought up by parents from different culture as my mother is pakistani and my father is Chinese so yes i'm a mixture of both. So, i've exposure of two different cultures and i like to know about stories and happenings and cultues, different things and much more. I'm a gemini so with that i get tantrums. My love for writing was never the same sometimes, i write to get off things, sometimes i write to make stories, sometimes its just for me.My passion for writing is never going to an end, its the most beautiful ability one could have. i good writer and a good reader is the best combo.



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