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Walking on thin ice

Searching the universe for a new vice.

One wrong step could mean never again waking

One step... cracking, another step... breaking.

I watch as another piece of the path floats away

but from this path, I must not stray.

I finally see the frozen water's edge

I finally reach it, but now I'm looking down from a ledge.

No more path from here, what am I supposed to do?

Is this it, the end, am I finally through?

Then I see something across from me

Standing next to a twisted tree.

Then I see something across the pit

Standing over a small fire that he just lit.

Then I see another, then another

they... are... me... one, two, three, four.

We each walked different paths to reach this place

and confusion was clear on each ones' face.

Water, Earth, Air, and Fire

Each one with a different desire.

Frozen, Quaking, Tempest, Eruption

each one brings its own destruction.

What is it that I am here to learn?

Life, Live, Breathe, Burn!

The mind is Gentle... Hostile...

Changeable... Fragile.

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Form of Poetry


Author: Onyx Perth
I am starting over again, multiple journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, that I had written in since I was 16 were lost and stupidly I did not make copies. So, I am trying to start writing and drawing again in an attempt to possibly remember some of them or at least give them new life by rewriting them now that I am older.


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