gay, straight or confused

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Gay straight or confused, love urself and who ever else u chose. U want a sex change it's up to u, no1 else is living in ur shoes and It's ur life so you make the rules. Don't ever be uncomfortable cuz someone u love doesn't want to accept u. True love loves all of u, inside and out. Don't change cuz others find it strange and don't understand what it's about. If ur a boy that feels like a girl that's ok, u wanna wear make up then dress up.. that's ok! Are you a girl that like girls? That's ok. Ur a stud that likes a stud that's ok, only perverted men prefer the fem on fem. and even if a fem does love a fem, that's ok. Don't u see that who ever u chose to b is ok?  what others in the world have to say.  the rules of society, wear whatever u want because it's ur body! Ppl will judge and hate what they don't understand, they will be set on their ways and say a man belongs with a woman and woman can't be a man. I say love is loving urself, love is accepting above anything else. Love comes from within, it has no religion, no color and no skin. Love comes from a heart that is just beating. I support u and all that u do to make u happy and comfortable being u. I salute u, I am proud of u, I am with u, I applaud u, I am you!

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Author: amaris vazquez
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