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Growth by Adelaine Lowe

For once I am happy

Yes, that may be true.

Still, nobody can bring me down

Quite like you do.


I will still cry I a time of no regret

When all I want to do is forget

I want to forget the punches

I want to forget the pain

These memories have caused nothing but shame


That way of life hurt me

It hurt more than anything

That is why I am moving on

That is why I am forgetting


For once I am happy

And not even you can bring me down

I stand tall, with broad shoulders

And you shall see no frown.

Big bright green eyes and a smile on my face

Your harm to me left not a trace.


I will no longer care,

I will no longer fret,

All the worries you gave me,

And all the regret.


Now you will bow down before me.

Get down and kneel.

You will no longer define me or how I feel.

I am my own person who no longer cares the price of your bid,

You can't bring me down like when you once did.


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Author: Adelaine Lowe
My name is Adelaine Lowe and I live in a small town in Northern BC Canada. I love to express my thoughts and feelings in poetry form and explore the depths of my mind with short stories. Not only do I write often, I also enjoy photography and cooking. These three things are what I wake up for. I stay at peace with my mind with meditation and an overly joyous and open mindset towards everything.


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