if not ether then ei-ther

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ei-ther not ether

they said there was no ether
only a frequency medium
a carrier of all that waves
well if there be no ether
then there has to be an ei-ther

words are sets
many meanings
within meanings

but there is a limit
before confusion sets in
and destroys order

it has a name
the feigenbaum constant

similarity in
all natures cycles

like music notes
octaves and frequencies
a universal reality

all comes into sync
as a medium-average
a frequency density

to mind is the perception
of sensed frequencies

it is sound of music
the universe plays

what's in a word
a medium
an average

colors of the rainbow
the shape of things

words are like butterflies
they cause effects
order or confusion

stan sand
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Author: sand blown
worked in labs, manufacturing, mathematics teaching; now retired; love music, photography, fishing, mathematics and philosophy research; reading, writing, living, enjoying; andt....smiling : )


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