Blank Verse Poems

Thorn In My Flesh
by Racheal Chitondwe

Thorn in my flesh

You’re a thorn in my flesh

A thorn in my foot yet I carry on

Suddenly I am unable to translate the pain I

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if not ether then ei-ther
by sand blown

ei-ther not ether

they said there was no ether
only a frequency medium
a carrier of all that waves
well if there be no ether
then there has to

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If You Look for Me
by Ahana Chattopadhyay

If you look for me

If you seek for me

Your eyes in mine

And the sun glows eloquently outside

If you falter a little

If your gaze fades a

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by kyra shennan

I’m your sickness and your health

satisfaction and your gain

your poverty, your wealth

I’m your hunger and your pain.


Why is it that I think this true?

It’s because

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by kyra shennan

The trees surrounding the lake are so loud today,

 or have I not noticed their haunting yet gentle wails until this steely morning? 

Even though they seem

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Anxious Paranoid
by Nadine Oraby

I am an anxious paranoid

My fear overwhelms my mind

My heart is filled with pain,

And I hear an inner voice

It is in my head and it

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Universal inversion
by Florence Ezekiel

Cursed love - puzzled world

chock full of anguish and misery

one SARAH-angel faced

and MICHAEL-hosea dealt with

just as Francine rivers had depicted 

in her ink. Hearts of men

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As A Guy
by Jessie Bonful

I am no superman

And I know I'm nowhere near Captain Man

Nor am I as cute as Jace Norman

But at least I try

I don't lay on

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Latitudes and Attitudes
by Maryanne Dunne

Latitudes and Attitudes

Women are like the wind

you enjoy the warm breeze melting your heart

on a blustery day.

you bask in the heat of their passion

on a

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i write
by stephanie warrillow

broken minds and bleeding wounds words that can't change anything. Saying sorry dosent make it better.

stuck in the pain that just won't ever die at

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My Dreamland
by Ahana Chattopadhyay

My Dreamland

I saw a weird dream
A dream within a dream
Full of roses and lilies
There was a garden
And a distant

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