If You Look for Me

Written by Ahana Chattopadhyay |
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If you look for me

If you seek for me

Your eyes in mine

And the sun glows eloquently outside

If you falter a little

If your gaze fades a bit

And your desire gets unleashed,

Well out of control

If you fear rejection

You can be assured, reassured

When the sun shines and feelings chime

When the world seems distant and unearthly

You can still be solemn,calm

And try,try to delve deep.

More deep into your soul

If you still find me, static and sure

If you still feel me,raw and real

If you still dare to proceed

Dare to lose your ordered peace

And your well-tutored resilience

Then come to me complete, whole

Colorless and facade-less, pure!

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Form of Poetry

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Author: Ahana Chattopadhyay
I am from Kolkata, India. Writing is one of my dearest hobbies! I love writing creative pieces, especially poems, short stories and travelogues. My works have been published in many renowned newspapers in Kolkata, in their creative writing section. I even write book reviews and movie reviews.


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