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Generally speaking, the vast majority of people think that the moment they graduate from college, they will not need to study ever again. In other words, they think that their long journey of education has finally come to an end. However, there is a huge difference between education and learning. Almost everyone could get education, but only very few learn. Learning is a choice and it is associated with passion. For example, some people graduate and they decide to go on learning more. Is it because they do not find jobs? Is it because they are afraid of committing to a job? Not really! The answers are various; but they go on learning mainly because they seek excellence in their future careers. Reading and doing further research are never in vain or a waste of time. This is because the more you learn, the better you will perform and the more eager you will be to secure a stable career. A stable career requires learning, reading and researching to experiment your knowledge. William Godwin assured in a quote that “He that loves reading has everything within his reach.” Hence, to reach proficiency, you need to pour your heart into learning more because there is no limit to knowledge. The more you know, the more you will figure out that there is more to explore and to make use of.

William Faulkner said, “Read, read, read.” Reading is a main key for success. It is an important factor that widens your horizons and improves your way of thinking. Reading makes you more tolerant and open-minded to differences. It introduces you to different ideologies, theories and controversies. You get to learn something every time you read a book. However, there is a difference between people who read and apply what they have learnt, and people who just only read. Reading and researching are not easy tasks, especially when you are targeting a certain field to pursue your studies in it. You will come across hundreds of books and thousands of e-books keeping in mind that you will stumble upon many articles and journals on the internet as well. You will end up having your own small library with many references. One may feel like the reading materials are a bit too much to handle, but reading is not only important to become a professional in your career. It is essential and a part and parcel of the learning process which a professional could not do without.

Reading only is inadequate to reach efficiency. Reading should come hand in hand with continuous learning and applying what you have acquired on your daily tasks. You have to have your knowledge under assessment as well in order to work on your weaknesses and enhance your means of learning. Moreover, to learn, you will have to search through more than one means. For example, you will need to go to libraries, look into books, magazines, newspaper, surf the internet, and download journal articles, watch documentaries and so much more. Each time you will find information that will enlighten you. Step by step you will enjoy the learning journey because guess what? The outcome will be brilliant and totally worthwhile. Wise and professional as you will have become, you will never underestimate the power of continuous learning and reading.

To sum up, once you set your mind on a certain field that you want to build a career in, do not hesitate on learning more. Reading is accessible nowadays to almost everyone on the planet. Life is too short to waste your time over thinking. Go ahead! Log in to the internet, go to the nearest library and search for the material you need to that will help you learn how to establish your lifelong ambition. You will never regret reading because “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” as was said by Dr Theodore Seuss.

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Author: Nadine Oraby
I am Nadine, I am Egyptian and an English Literature TA at University. I am an English and Global Perspectives teacher at an International school. (IGCSE). I am a poet and writer. I write articles and scripts for YouTube channels.
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