Life is a Surprise

Written by Nadine Oraby |

I see life as a surprise. The fact that nothing is guaranteed is quite threatening. In other words, no one knows what exactly is going to happen in the next couple of minutes. Even if you guess, it turns out to be mere assumptions that have nothing to do with reality. That is why the rate of disappointed people is getting higher every second. We are human beings and we get easily affected by words and situations. We can get hurt, pained, and joyful or over the moon, it just depends on the things that happen in our lives. Sometimes one minute you are excited about something and all of a sudden something happens that shuts you off and makes you lose interest in whatever you were thrilled about. This is life and this is how it functions because it is a mixture of all the good things and the bad things that make it balanced and normal. We should be aware of the fact that many things could go wrong and opposite to what we wish for. This should not make us lose hope and isolate ourselves; instead we should keep a positive attitude towards whatever that is irritating us or causing us dissatisfactions. We need to keep in mind that things take time, but at the end they will go away, and everything will be alright. We need to be calm and wise while taking decisions and we should never rush things or force things to happen. Getting stressed and in tension will cause nothing but more problems and anger. One side has to be more flexible, smooth and capable of letting go quickly while the other side is in aggression to keep things in track and in balance under control. Just hold on, do not lose hope, stay focused and face your problems. Do something about it now and fix it until it no longer exists. Make sure that after all this struggle; you will surely be rewarded with happiness and peace. Be kind to yourself and keep going on. You can get over it and cross it out forever. You are destined to make it better. Your strength of will can make you do anything just to feel good. Always remember, you can and you will.

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Author: Nadine Oraby
I am Nadine, I am Egyptian and an English Literature TA at University. I am an English and Global Perspectives teacher at an International school. (IGCSE). I am a poet and writer. I write articles and scripts for YouTube channels.
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Card image cap DANIEL TITIYA - Very true and quite encouraging piece.

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