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Vietnam that is known for its culture and landscapes, the city that demands to get explored. But living here for 20 years, I haven’t been to the other side that is Nam Du Island. I decided to witness it on this weekend because I needed peace much badly. I no longer wanted to indulge myself in talks because all these people tend to talk about themselves. Ultimately, I have no one to talk to. My mother wasn’t happy, she first gave me a long dead stare and after examining my condition that needed to be free, she agreed. The very next day I left.

 The boat I was travelling in was the smallest of all just enough space to adjust four people. It seemed as we were in the air because of the crystal clear water. It started raining and by the time we reached. However, I found a shelter under the nearest palm tree from there I was witnessing the artistry and of course, curling waves. I couldn’t help but to stand and have a look at this enchanting view. I moved a bit closer to it as now I was almost shivering by the cold breeze and rain drops touching my skin. I stood there with my eyes closed, arms wrapped around; a perfect peaceful moment. Suddenly, the rock I was standing on decided to break and I felt as my world flipped around. I was going far away from the island. I was trying hard to just swim in a hope that I could make it to somewhere.

I felt itching in my ear; the sun was just above me as inquiring if I’m still alive? I was wide awake. I stood up and looked around I was not sure what I’m looking at as there were pebbles all over, small rocks and bigger rocks, everything seemed small. Perhaps another planet while I was rubbing my eyes and couldn’t believe I’m still alive, I saw a blurry vision of something coming towards my feet. Hesitating, I took a step back and for a closer look, I cleared my vision and concentrated.

I saw some rocks walking towards me for some reason I was not sure what my mind was telling me. Without hesitating more, I step down. First, I saw a suspicious human looking rock, carrying rock above his head which maybe was for his defense. Similarly, everyone else seem the same to me. Although they were the size of my toe, they stopped at a distance from me and the one standing in front seemed to move his head, I lowered my head to inquire. I was witnessing a sand color skin man with such small features that’s hard to define. They got on their knees as if they were pleased with my company though this must not be the case. Certainly I did the same and bowed in front of them.

The island had different kinds of vegetables and fruits; they further told me that how impatiently they were waiting for someone like me to come as they have heard stories from their ancestors. I was almost astonished when I saw 5 men dying by just slipping on the surface. I was told that they don’t get to live much as small things even excitement, thunder, loud noise can give them heart attack and some have died even by laughing too hard. The man I was engaged with had wrinkles on his face and loved to sit on my shoulder as if this was his favorite hobby after obeying me. He was 2 weeks old and was already getting old. They call themselves raffles because each one of them is born with some uniqueness, they told each other ways of doing different things and with that they believe that every born living will bring some good to them.

They were nice enough to knit me a hat which took them 7 days but according to them they made it in 6 years. I went with some of the raffles and the smallest one of them was sweet as a candy and also in size too. He was a Gem. The island wasn’t too big or small though it seems to be in the middle of somewhere but within the island we found a valley of waterfalls. Something that doesn’t seem real to me so calming so peaceful, I wish I hadn’t lost my phone. I lost track of time I didn’t know how many years I’ve been staying here.

The time I was there, I actually never thought about my home or getting back. They like to eat fish but cry afterwards as its inhumanity. I was enjoying my time with these sweet little people and my gem. The total people to my count were almost 67 not including the infants.

A siren made me up, I fell asleep by the shore and I found a ship sailing in front of me. They were waving and lighting torches, I looked around to find my little buddies. They were not moving and the rock on their head was to protect them. I stood up and something was making me nervous as what if they found raffles, what will they do with them, will I be responsible for it? Without further due I waved my hand back and took my hat and silently waved them goodbye though I didn’t wanted to. I could feel the tears in their eyes and in mine too.

The people on the ship were offering me warm clothes and food but I wanted to tell them I wasn’t abandoned, there were bunch of lovely people there with the sweetest hearts and innocent talks. I know they loved me as if I was some kind of God to them. I loved their company more than I ever did of anybody. I was already missing gem on my shoulder and whispering voices with questions. To my surprise I spent 7 years on that island.

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Author: Alishah Ali
A normal being with many extra ordinary dreams, i like to write but not what exactly i feel just what comes to my mind and i think that's where the uniqueness starts. I'm not a regular writer and i guess no one is but yes i do like to write.


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