Love and Jealousy

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Love is the sweetest experience anyone could ever live. Especially when you fall in love with the right person who makes you feel like you are the only love of his life even if he had past experiences. Someone who makes you feel completely safe and secured, he makes you feel irreplaceable. He embraces your storms and soothes your soul by his actions and words. A real lover is he who never changes and his love grows stronger every day. I would say he is someone who cannot stand seeing his partner’s tears, and could fight the world just to win her over and make her smile. I believe he is the only one who could change her mood and make her smile shine brightly like no one ever can. He is her most favorite human on earth and she believes in him so much. It is really priceless to have someone whom you can blindly trust and rely on. Someone who ensures you that no other girl could ever grab his attention no matter how hard she tries and no matter how flirty she becomes, you are the apple of his eye and no one else could take your place. It is super cute to know that those are not just only words, those are utterances put in action and carried out instantly whenever some girls hits on him. What could ever be sincerer and more honest and loyal than someone who tells you about girls who try to roam around him and their words are unfriendly, but rather breaking the limits? He makes you trust him more and more and he grows into your eyes more and more. This is because he is not childish like most guys are, he is a truthful gentleman who values his relationship and only one lady is sufficient for him. What a lucky girl you are if you fall in love with a man who respects your standards and keeps you updated with those very important incidents that happen in everyman’s lives but they hide them to evade arguments and problems. However, he does not hide them, he speaks them up to make you feel confident and one of a kind. This man is a blessing and a very rare type; you don’t find men like that every day. A man who thinks that one girl is enough is a miracle from God, a heavenly gift that needs to be held onto subtly and be worshipped literally. While writing this article, I am smiling really big because it is something that is worth appreciation, gratitude and happiness. Talking about men’s attitude is not always easy, and it requires a lot of controversial debates but talking about this particular man who is loyal to that extent, makes me really pleased and very excited to write even more about him. He is someone who is absolutely out of this world, someone who loves you for who you are, someone who appreciates you, cares about you, handles your mood swings, loves your flaws and accepts them, chooses you before anyone else, sets you a priority, loves your messy hair in the morning, your sleepy cringing voice when you wake up and your very loud noises that come out for no reason, he loves your mood swings and knows how to bring you back in order and pacifies your jealous moments. Someone who is a man of actions, domineering and possessing as well yet very gentle and never cruel to your feelings. Girls always love this mixture between domination and gentleness.   

Jealousy is a double edged weapon like anything else. It could be healthy and sweet but it could also be destructive and annoying if it is in extreme, it is your choice. There should be a balance because jealousy could be overriding and very dangerous causing problems out of nowhere. It is normal to feel jealous because you want your lover to be for you only and you hate anyone else approaching them because you know their ways. But at the same time you have to put in mind that your love is much more important than anything else. Things happen, and this is the cycle of life but as long as your man is trust worthy and honest, you needn’t worry about any other girl. Jealousy means love for sure, and it wouldn’t stop but still as long as your man knows his limits and sets limits with other girls be them friends or strangers, you will feel calm and alright. You will sleep feeling safe at night. You are lucky if you have this someone in your life. This someone is my man. I love him so much more than words could ever tell. No other girls could ever get in between us and cause us stress or troubles, simply because he shuts them off and tells them “I am in love, I am in a relationship” thank you so much my diamond for making me feel like I am the only girl in the world, thank you for never letting me down and always choosing our love to surpass anything to reach the ultimate, to grow and to succeed. I adore everything about you. Please keep it up and trust me those little gestures you make, mean the world to me and I respect you more, love you more, trust you more and cherish you more.

To sum up, get you someone who will never break your trust.  Get you someone who respects your presence as well as your absence. A man who is responsible and reliable, someone who never takes you for granted or mistreats you. Do not settle for less than you deserve. And if you are lucky enough to fall in love with someone like my man (I doubt you’ll ever find someone as perfect as my man), cherish him and love him to death because you will never find someone whose love will be as strong and as real. Loyalty is very rare now, commitment is almost extinct, and things have become more temporary. Therefore, when you find someone whose intentions are pure, planning for a future with you, showering you with care and love, looking for a happily ever after with you, never let them go. Risk it, fall in love gently and softly, it is worth it with the right person.

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Author: Nadine Oraby
I am Nadine, I am Egyptian and an English Literature TA at University. I am an English and Global Perspectives teacher at an International school. (IGCSE). I am a poet and writer. I write articles and scripts for YouTube channels.
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