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Have you ever had that feeling when you never really seemed to have had enough spending time with the most important and most favorite person of your entire life? Yes? This is what I call “deep real love”. The topic I am writing about is catchy on so many levels but especially for those lovers who are recently in relationships. What is more, my topic actually consists of sub topics beneath. Why? Simply because, you will know the answer in the following paragraphs only if you just have the patience to read and only if your curiosity drives you extremely insane to the extent that you have no more nails to bite. So are you ready to follow up the sub topics? Clearly if you are still reading this paragraph, it accurately says “yes” let me call you now a brave reader and not a “filthy curious kitty.” If not, then simply you wouldn’t even know the answer to that, because you are not probably reading that now and it would not be of so much attention nor concern to you. However it says “no” and maybe I can call you “not much of a reading person, I’m so cool for that” in order to save time as much as possible, too much appreciation is shown to everyone reading this from A to Z, thank you. Now let us start our sub topics.

Accidental Relationships

Wondering what that is?  Probably yes. “Accidental Relationships” just to make things clearer to you, it does never EVER mean that you have had a tragic accident and in the middle of time while bleeding your head off, you meet your soul mate. Or at the hospital dying from a car crash and probably vomiting your small intestine out in the intensive care room, you meet your life partner. Hell no. “Accidental Relationships” here means that you have met your partner in life by accident, in other words, an unplanned meeting that brought you together and you just had the opportunity to talk, and know each other for the beginning. It is all quite unplanned for, unintentional, and perfectly accidental. The big surprise is that everything is available that moment for you, everything is going smooth and well on its way as if it is accurately planned but it really is not. Mind blown? What I want to say is that,  you meet this person by accident, you sit and talk together, and Bam you fell in love. For example, you go on a summer vacation trip with the family, you don’t actually know who will come too, you meet a guy whom you’ve never dealt with before, you start talking as pals, playing games, knowing each other more and more and more and more..and more. You become closer and closer and closer and closer, and congratulations honey; you are now this guy’s girl. Isn’t it interesting?  You picked each other and surprisingly deeply loved each other because of a completely unplanned family gathering. That leaves a very big “WOW” on your faces. You keep asking yourself, “Where have you been all my life man? I’ve been looking for you since ever” see how God’s plans are better for you than your own choices? You later on become sure that it is the best love life you have ever had. It is a true blessing and a gift. Everything is counted by God and is blessed by God because it wasn’t planned for or even chased behind. It came all of a sudden; and that what makes you sure that things will continue to be more than just fine and totally in your favor because God wants it that way. If God didn’t want it that way, you would not have met in the first place. See how great things are when you leave them in the hands of our Almighty God? He knows how to take better care of them more than we will ever do. You just have to leave everything as it is and pray more to God to keep your relationship saved, sacred and blessed. God puts people in your life or cuts them off your life for a reason; you might not know that reason now, but eventually you will. Trust God and be grateful. Hold on tight to your accidental best love ride and never let go or give up. Keep going on and don’t be afraid of the future, it is not ours to see, whatever will be will be if it is clearly meant to be. Believe in yourself and see your future through your other half, the partner of your life. Be hopeful and make sure that things will work out for both of you because you put God first and your love comes directly second. God bless our lovers and keep them together forever saved, sacred, blessed, happy, in love, closer, stronger and patient.

Planned Relationships

This sub topic will clearly not take up much space in here because it is not my favorite type. I have never experienced a thing as such but I’ve heard a lot of things about that; and here how it all goes down. For instance, you are a desperate person who thinks he/she is lonely and deprived of care, attention and so on and so forth. You hook up with some bad friends or whatever you call them, in order to meet some new people and you already have in mind that you will end up dating one of the chicks or dudes you will see with this bunch of people. You pick out your “on fleek” outfit and give it a try. It worked out; you dated for a couple of days, weeks and months. You don’t feel like you are in love with your choice. You just feel like you are not alone. Days go by and both of you notice that you are both taking each other for granted and using each other just to fulfill your individual needs or desires. How selfish and scary? Later on you can find this partner, cheating around, bailing you and replacing you because they “don’t feel like things are mutual between both of you and you rushed things out” now you become desperate again and go for other more planned dates. Yes you picked each other but things didn’t work out. You picked each other for selfish reasons and that what makes your relationship incomplete and unsuccessful. I can’t really judge, we all make mistakes, we are all flawed and imperfect but that’s what makes us different and special. It’s okay to have been hurt and broken we are all a little damaged inside but things go on and life changes everyone. It is your choice to become a better person and learn from your past mistakes or lock yourself in your old past miserable circle of mistakes and immature choices. We grow up so we need to learn and be more considerate in order to save ourselves for the right people who deserve us and who will protect us and really love us. when it is real, you just feel it in your heart and bones. Be careful of planned relationships. Sometimes it works out and it ends up wonderful because you are lucky and smart to keep going on in the right direction with the one you chose and there is equal effort from both sides. Other times it never works out because at the first place, you chose wrongly just because you have free time and you don’t have a partner but it is so trendy nowadays and you don’t want to be old-fashioned so you stereotype to become like others which is a road to failure and frustration indeed. Take care of yourself and choose wisely if you are for “Planned Relationships” and remember there is always hope and there are always exceptions for every rule. Don’t be afraid, it will work out with you only if you choose rightly and keep fighting for your lover no matter what happens to separate you. Smile and do what is right for you.

Blind Relationships

Have you ever heard about “blind dates’?  it is a concept that means, two people who know nothing about each other at all but were recommended by their friends or whatever, to the other people they will meet, in order to get in a relationship with each other for no reason that I know nothing about up till now. But guess what? It works out for a big number of people. I don’t know how come it happens but it does. Well, all I hope for is that everyone is happy and in love with their partners, I don’t really care about how they met or why. For instance, this girl is recommended to this guy by his friend because this girl is cute, beautiful, tall, blond, slim and polite. The guy is shown a picture of the girl and goes like “ she is beautiful, yes I want her” the girl is given information about the guy that he is tall, muscled, blue eyes and whatever and she goes like “this is my prince charming, I want him” they settle a date and they meet, then they talk “you never really know if they are lying about what they are saying, you can never be sure because they don’t know each other” they just want to impress one another. It is the easiest thing to flatter yourself and make a formal excellent speech to gain this acceptance you are waiting for. This kind of relationships makes me feel sorry for the partners. It is like they are fooling each other in order to give a good image of themselves only. Moreover, it is only based on appearances and materialism in the first place. It sounds superficial and shallow. No previous background, nothing. All they know is that they will meet in order to get in a relationship after that and they completely understand that it might be temporary until they have a better chance if someone new and more appealing to them appeared. This is scary, rude, mean and disgusting. I don’t also like this type but anyway I am just discussing a controversial general social issue so that you take care if you are for this type. It works with different many people but only because they are serious and they are lucky enough to meet the right people. All you have to do is to be careful always and forever. Be positive and don’t worry. Don’t settle down for less than what you know you deserve. Choose wisely again.

Taking everything into account, I have mentioned three types of relationships up there but these are not the only types. There are infinite types and countless ones but these are the most significant and the most popular ones. It can never be marginalized or ignored because this is a serious issue. We are talking about forever and the future. I am not with temporary choices and relationships because we want something real and permanent; we want love and not just fun. In the end, I would tell that “Accidental Relationships” are the purest and the most spiritual type ever. Believe it or not, it lasts forever and it is really amazing. Now generally speaking, everyone is responsible for their own choices and decisions. That is why, this article does not order you to change your views, and it is just a hint and an explanation to things I see in my own point of view. Again, be careful of yourself because you are so dear to you. We accept the love we think we deserve and this very dangerous. A lot of people are damaged from inside and desperate, they don’t know their worth at all so they accept any kind of love because they want that feeling, and they get humiliated and terribly taken advantage of. Don’t do that to yourselves, don’t hurt your feelings and break your heart with your own hands just because you are frustrated and deprived of love now. Let it all go, God has a plan for you and it is millions of times better for you than your own plans and imaginations. We allow what we accept. Try to figure things out and sort them maturely. Life is meant to be lived only once, live it accurately and correctly especially when you decide and choose forever with someone. Good luck to everyone, love is beautiful and it is in the air. Spread the positive energy and keep the good spirits up. This is how things succeed. Hold on to your love partners and never let go. Be patient, be optimistic, and appreciate what you have now and thank God for his giving. Love more; keep searching for love or maybe love will come to you when you are not looking at all. God is great and miracles happen. I have found the truest real love of my life accidentally and I am so in love with him and I chose forever with him only. Inspired by him in each and every way I’ll keep him by my side forever because he is God’s gift to me and I adore him more than anything else. I hope you can be lucky like me but I guess this blessing comes only once in a lifetime and thank God it happened to me. I’d like to end my article by giving huge appreciation and respect to my man whom I dearly love. I owe him my life and my soul is all his. Love exists and our hearts witness it.

Inspired by my real love story and my current relationship “the accidental” owned by and offered for my love partner. I love you!

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