meet again

Written by sabrina espanio |
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keep asking how im feeling i always say the same thing
could be better could be worse some days i still feel the hurt
other days im chilling and smiling with every one til a sudden
vision hits me like a head on collision then im back into the same
messed up mind frame that i been in once again, wanting to scream
in agony been waiting eagerly where could you be its been so long since
i last seen you feel iv been hiding in your shadow trying to follow but
cant seem to find you. don't want to but i have to hurts to have to accept the truth wishing it could all be one big lie the hardest part about life is the moment that you have to say goodbye. missing them by your side feeling nothing will ever be right again that their is nothing or no medicine that will heal such pain you feel. just have to let it sink in within time let them be your guide until its your time just know that their watchin and waiting to meet up once again.
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Form of Poetry


Author: sabrina espanio
im a 30 year old female. im a music performer/ writer. I have been writing since I was 13 years old started out with simple poetry and as I got older I turned my pain into music.


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