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Learn how to succeed in the process of saving, investing, budgeting, spending, and managing money. Find monetary success and happiness by making the right choices in organizing, planning, controlling, and directing your finances.

Save Money by Lowering Your Cable Bill and Not Compromising Entertainment

Written by Mark Pringle
One of the most important things to remember when it comes to saving money and acquiring financial happiness is that every dollar saved matters. Good money managers understand that saving five dollars is just as significant as saving fifty. If you can remove even one dollar from your monthly expense Read More

How Do People Afford to Travel So Much?

Written by Mark Pringle
I love to travel. It is a strong and barely controllable desire that is at my core. The problem is that I do not make a lot of money and I never have. The salaries from my jobs over the years would fall into the "slightly above average" USA income bracket. Even so, I have va Read More

Understand the Purpose of Life Insurance

Written by Mark Pringle
Don’t look at life insurance as an investment. Look at it as a way to protect your loved ones in case the breadwinner of the family dies, and the family’s savings do not allow the family to be self-insured. Stick to term life insurance, which is the most basic type of insurance. It co Read More

Fun Things That Don’t Cost Much Money

There seems to be an unwritten rule that you must spend money to have fun. That is certainly not true. Here is a quick list of some fun things that you can do that cost little or no money. Engage your artistic/creative side: draw, write, read, cook, or make handmade crafts and gifts Encourag Read More

Here's Why Buying Used Cars Can Save Thousands of Dollars a Year

Written by Mark Pringle
One year I was looking for an older model Lexus because I knew those cars would drive for 250,000 miles effortlessly. I saw a Lexus advertised in the classifieds, and I drove about 30 miles to see it. The car was beautiful and drove perfectly. It had about 120,000 miles on it, and the timing bel Read More

People Who are Smart with Money Assume Bad Things Will Happen

Written by Mark Pringle
Life is not all about flowers, fun, and good times. Sooner or later, bad things happen that can affect our happiness and finances. According to, “…Since 2005, commonly reported causes of bankruptcy include reduced income, job loss, credit debt, illness/injury, unexpected expens Read More

Financial Torture and How to Escape Debt

Written by Mark Pringle
We went through a few years of what I would call financial torture. We were making just enough money to pay our bills, and it always seemed, as soon as we were about to get ahead, our car or our house would need an expensive repair. I would use credit cards to pay those bills. When those cards were Read More

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