Moral Of The Story-Gendercide

Written by Brian Pierre-Alexander |
Published on:
The leaks are out 
The moral of the story shout
You talk about you care
But in truth and in fact you fear
He, she, them, who gov-over-men
Neglect, abduct, trafficking women
Girls in Africa, India, China all over the world
Rape, Killed simply because they’re girl
Moral of this story held long inside
Stand with me against gendercide

©Copyright March 7, 2019 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
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Form of Poetry


Author: Brian Pierre-Alexander
I am a 53 year old poet from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Trinidad, I've been writing poems and lyrics to songs since in the 1980's more like a hobby. My aim is to spread the effects of my poetry and writing skills in the social and individual life of people, while I sand paper and polish up my skills as i go along.


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