Morning Glory

Written by Shaniel Edwards |
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As  eyes shift from ceiling to window, 

One observes the blackness of the night sky. 

Luna my friend has left me alone, 

She's gone visiting friends at another side of the sky. 


On a side I can't go, its much too far

So the invitees are usually her and the other stars. 

How I wish one day to rise as high 

As Luna and her starry friends of the night sky. 


How beautiful that time will be 

When I will shine radiant with light like thee, 

Oh Luna, my dear friend don't be

long on this your seasonal journey far from me. 


Be back soon with your radiant light

That shines forth when you smile back

at me when I lay in bed at night 

alone and surrounded by the night's thick, black


Shadow. Stay with me until Solis 

comes forth from his daily departure

to tend to the other side of the world, that Adonis!

And the birds begin to welcome him, and darkness fades and I take hold of the day like the bow in the hand of an archer. 

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Form of Poetry


Author: Shaniel Edwards
A vivacious young professional with a love for the arts and creativity. I have a zeal for new knowledge and I love opportunities to engage in creative writing. I love the outdoors and especially the beach.


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