My Dreamland

Written by Ahana Chattopadhyay |
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My Dreamland

I saw a weird dream
A dream within a dream
Full of roses and lilies
There was a garden
And a distant waterfall
Complete with a crimson sky
Made my dreamland breath-taking
Pigeons were in galore
Little rabbits scurried about here and there
Yet in this world
Beautiful with all kinds of magnificence
It's the devil who spoils the deal
And my dream was no exception
There was a cruel giant
He destroyed the garden of eternity
And hence proved a point
He was the ruler of my dreamland
My sleep concluded
The line separating my dreamland 
And this substantial world
Seemed way too thin!

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Form of Poetry

Blank verse

Author: Ahana Chattopadhyay
I am from Kolkata, India. Writing is one of my dearest hobbies! I love writing creative pieces, especially poems, short stories and travelogues. My works have been published in many renowned newspapers in Kolkata, in their creative writing section. I even write book reviews and movie reviews.


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Card image cap Terry Shuff - Your right about the devil spoiling paradise,BUT Adam and Eve could have and should have obeyed God. If we know we should obey God , than they knew also. God warned them. The devil cannot destroy God's plans. God promises to restore paradise. Jesus told the one man being crucified beside him you will be with me in paradise. I encourage you to read God's promises to restore paradise. Isaiah 65:17-25...Isaiah 66:22-24..........Revelation 21:3&4, Remember Jesus said " with God all things are possible." Learn more at

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