On Our Way

Written by Heidi Sands |
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The sun glows on the white snow

With mild air and clear skies today

Looking from the hill you wouldn't know,

Of any troubles or dismay


All is quiet, while all is bright

Thoughts drift away so light

Looking at scenes below from this height

From early morning until night


There's a halo in the sky, heading to set

As I hold onto the gift of each moment

So beautiful, I have no regret

All in how I choose time to be spent


Because time is precious, I often say

LIfe is painted in what we can see

Framed with gratitude on our way

Lifting our soul to be forever free


Heidi Sands

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Author: Heidi Sands
I am a freelance writer with article publications in Woman's Own Magazine, ParentGuide News, Our Journey, Franklin Publishing Culture Journal and London Press Victory News Success Journal. I have written 5 poetry books , all at Amazon. I have completed a true crime book ready for submission.


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