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Didn't matter for how much I was outcasted
At first I didn't understand why I couldn't fit in
But then I remembered never to give in

This was my up bringing
I will hold true to this until the end
I have no need to feel like I fit in
If all I have is pointless fake friends

I have learned to adapt
Now everyone I come across has my back
For as crazy as it may seem to be
I was just another dead beat

As I spoke no sound came about 
I was starting to lose my hope and begin to drown
Then seeing hope I started to embrace myself
To this day I still wear the same crown
I am not one to fit in with the crowd
I was always one for standing out 

- R.L

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Form of Poetry


Author: Robert Lillis
Free your mind and allow the pen to do most of the work. I am just a puzzle piece for this big picture which I stand upon below my feet. Writing and music is what keeps me going it's beautiful and can always be shared from one to another. It's the strongest therapy for our souls. Would love to do writing for passive income if you have any opportunities please contact me.


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