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What is with this new trend in hotels that don't have curtains that close?  Now I realize that some chains have removed those heavy drapes because of the threat of bed bugs, but I like having more across my windows than some filmy see-through fabric.  Nothing disturbs sleep like bright sunlight coming through the window first thing in the morning.  Maybe that is the whole point.  They want you up and out long before checkout so they can have the room clean sooner and ready for the next person.  Of course these hotels are always right next to a truck stop, an interstate, or several restaurants.  I always feel like a mannequin on display for the Country Eat Here Dinner Stop patrons.  Come on hotel owners, some people might just want curtains for decoration at home, but I think they really expect them to be functional at hotels.

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Author: Laura Spears
I like to write in my spare time and would like to do Children's Books.


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Card image cap Catherine Lindsey - I agree. Must we step into the bathroom to change our clothes!!!

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