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Don't you just love it when one of your favorite movies comes on TV. You know, the ones you will stop whatever you are doing to watch, if you see that it is on. My family will sit and wait for certain parts of a movie just so that we can quote our favorite lines at the appropriate time. How disappointing when that moment never comes. You think to yourself, "Maybe that part comes later." Nope. It is just the networks way of cutting a few minutes out to fit in their time slot. Or maybe just a few minutes to put in a few more more commercials. Of course these older movies are generally just on TV to remind you that the sequel comes out in theaters next month or that the lead actor has a new movie coming out. Then again, there are those movies that you wish stuff was cut out. Imagine letting your children watch a movie on TV. In fact, you have watched it together many times before. Suddenly the version you are watching has a whole lot more of those words you don't want your kids to hear. Oops! That is not to mention the commercials about medicines for adult problems. I'll save that for another rant.

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Author: Laura Spears
I like to write in my spare time and would like to do Children's Books.


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