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Refugee... a person who has been forced to leave their country. Forced to leave in order to escape war and persecution, leaving so their kids don’t face horrible executions. Refugee are not the enemy they just want to be free, they work their asses of just to make ends meat. Refugee I wish I could be as strong as you, I admire you for still standing after all you have been through. Refugee you ran away from a poor country, you ran from poverty, you ran from robbery. You ran and carried children on your back, a slice of bread for 8 was your snack. You ran with blisters on your feet when you were dehydrated and weak... but you ran. Refugee you had one plan and that was to come to a better land, a plan to find a helping hand but instead you come to a border where you are banned. You run from one form of hate to another, they tell you you can’t enter but separate you from your mother and your brother. Refugee are never really free and most are never goin to be reunited with their families. Refugees....the innocent refugees that have to suffer America’s cruelties.

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Author: amaris vazquez
I love to write. I want to reach people and save lives through my words and writings. spreading positivity is the goal and keeping everyone alive is the dream. Find me on youtube(mightypoet) / facebook(spoken word/poetic emotions) Instagram(mightypoet) poetrysoup(damighty1). Thank you for reading my poems and checking out my sites. Please share the message!
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