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Black. Black. Black.

Eyes wide open.

Heartbeat drumming.

Chest aching.

Muscles tightening.

Fear, the force threatening to overcome me.

Look left. No right.

Please fucking please let me make it through the night!

Hands trembling.

Voice shaking.

The words part my lips, inaudible and foreign.

They hang waiting in the air. A visible sign of my vulnerability.


A life time or a second; it’s impossible to tell.

The response comes, calm, safe and familiar......


Love is the force that guides me.

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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Alex Cridland
Hello, greetings and welcome! I am a freelance writer from London who is here for my love of writing. My passions include reading, movies, music and getting ignored by my fiancé's dogs. I am looking to do creative writing as well as reviews; whether it be for movies or breaking down lyrics and their hidden meanings. In all honesty I will endeavor to write anything that you want me to.


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