Students Shaky Sing-A-Long

Written by William Kekaula |


***A bolted school bus amidst bobbing heads rolls downhill...  


Fictitious dank bathroom basin bailing;

a mother's kiss and general list spelled.

That rickety school bus horn toots, trailing;

wide-eyed, groomed hair, texts deftly being held.  


Screeched wheels, a slid-back hatch exposed wider;

scrambled soles win middle-bus-seating.

Too raw being back-of-the-bus rider;

skilled to be by kids up front eating.  


The why's of school bus seatbeltless renown,

At curves, we skim, hands intently about;

all bumps we drift upwards plus swiftly down--

and stops, reeling forwards midst racked arms out.  


Youth strums some ukelele from the back.

High schoolers commenced a sung melody,

immature head's turn, to a lull they lack;

savoring quite calm, grown in harmony.  


We have reached midst raised spirits set to spark,

as choruses end, volumes collected;

concurring lives equipped to disembark,

ere consigned bell chimes--such is--expected.  


A conducive school day has now begun...

while active minds, smartly stretched that wellspring.

School's demanding bus, stops, scored some rerun;

slid-door, as swimming brain cell's minds to sing.  


~~ a ukelele freed from its case prepares to board...

Copyright ©

Form of Poetry


Author: William Kekaula
I am a retiree of the hospitality industry, presently, residing in my birthplace town of Hilo, Island of Hawaii, a.k.a. Big Island, in the 50th State of Hawaii, USA, and as a writer, I have a passion for poetry, fictional and nonfictional short stories.


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