Summer or Winter

Written by Brandon Connor |
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I hate the humidity

I hate what it does

I hate wearing sunscreen

I hate all the bugs

I like the thirties

I like wearing gloves

But I also like the dirt leftover on my clubs

Mementos from courses I’ve hacked up with buds

And who doesn’t like sitting outside in the sun?


I’ll miss it to death to tell you the truth

Though winter’s cold breath over cocoa and soup

Whispers its gentle peacefulness to me

Simpler to escape the cold than the heat

A big sweater and cozy socks for the feet

Books and movies and lovely company


I think I can deal with the heat and the grubs

Half of the year I’ll be comfy and snug

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Form of Poetry


Author: Brandon Connor
Brandon Connor is 24 years old and has been writing seriously for roughly 6 years, but has been practicing the craft since he was child. He has written a few novels, as well as poetry and a number of short stories. He has extensive experience in subjects like mental health, small business, art, as well as persuasive or otherwise professional writing.


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