The Beach

Written by ALAN marsh |
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As the ocean waves strike at me,
And the yellow sand greets the sea.
As the passing by flock of seagulls screach,
The cool gentle wind whistles through the beach.

The Emerald hills and blue glittering seas,
Along with the Endless canvas brushed with trees
The blue waves make the most beautiful sound.
Walking hand in hand and looking around.

The fascinating sound of the constant waves,
The magnificient ocean is seen through a haze.
The saffron sun and yellow sand, go walking hand in hand,
I love the exquisite beach and the sand.

The aquamarine waves wash up onto the seashore,
Most Powerful and strong they breathe and roar.
Along the feathered edge, the red sun sets,
Birds fly back to their homes just like jets. 
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Form of Poetry


Author: ALAN marsh
I am a 12 year old school boy


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