The Cave

Written by Rebekah Gibson |
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Sarah sat in a cold, dark cave, pleading with the Lord to show her what to do next. She thought through yesterday’s events. How did she end up here? Why was she here? What would happen to her? As Sarah thought about all these questions, she saw a shadow in the entrance of the cave.

Just yesterday, Sarah had been a care-free, fun-loving child who lived with her parents. Her only sister was already away at college. Her family had come to the campgrounds for a weekend vacation. She was walking through the woods with her dad. Suddenly, a bear appeared out of nowhere. Sarah’s dad told her to run as fast as she could while he distracted the bear.

Just when Sarah thought she couldn’t run anymore, she spotted this cave. She entered the cave and immediately fell on her knees. “Jesus,” she prayed, “I don’t know where I am or what to do. Please help me and show  me how to get back to our tent.” But, because it was almost night, Sarah stayed in the cave until morning.

That morning, Sarah woke up to a shadow in the entrance of the cave she was hiding in. She immediately began begging Jesus to keep her safe. Shaking with fear, Sarah cried out “Who are you?” The shadow faded into the darkness as the figure entered the cave.

Terrified, Sarah again cried out to the Lord for safety. The shadow person tried to take her in his arms and was quietly talking to her. A few minutes later, when Sarah could think clearly, she realized that the shadow person was her father.

Sarah explained to her father how scared she was in the cave, but she knew that Jesus was a loving God and would keep her safe no matter what. Her father continued by saying that Jesus is always with us and will shower us with his love. All we have to do is accept it.


Sarah and her dad walked back to the campsite. Sarah’s mother and sister were waiting for her return. As soon as Sarah’s mother saw her in the distance, she immediately dropped what she was doing and ran to Sarah and welcomed her in her arms. Sarah’s mother and sister were overjoyed at Sarah’s return.

Sarah’s father led the family in a prayer of thanksgiving for Sarah’s return. As her father finished the prayer, he said that this reminded him of the parable of the Prodigal Son in the Bible. The son left because he wanted adventure, however he eventually returned home. “Now,” father said, “I know Sarah didn’t run away, but I want you to remember that God will seek you out even harder than I did last night. God is always watching and protecting us. Remember, He is a God of love. A God of love will look out for His children and protect them every day. All you have to do is claim that protection through prayer by asking Him to protect you throughout the day.” Sarah’s family returned home later that day.

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Author: Rebekah Gibson
I have always enjoyed writing from a young child. I would write poems about my life.


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