The Lips

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 Oh! what a world of sin I created?

Looking around humanities, I saw the beautiful lust in their heart towards me.
All big teeth,  considered me important.
I cover the  teeth nomatter how big it may be or the decay particles that hangs on;
Women painted me to lure men into destruction and say good bye to their senses.
With me in colours, men lose their heart for women;
Yes, once contacted  me; contract is signed, feelings rains.
Without me, men will not have women's heart or look at their ugly but charmingly faces.
I make faces more beautiful;mostly when in colours. No face can shine without me.
Iam the spice of beauty;  catch a glimspse of me, emotion, pleasure, feelings will  smile back at you.

 Iam the bridge of love, you can't destroy or ignore me; and still climb into full atmosphere of lust and deceptive.
The women knows my important  in schooling men around; 
plug-in  into each other; is likes poles, my attraction is confusion.
Throw a finger across me, disagreement will be silent; and contract will be signed.
In my world of deceptive, decent life is a mirage.
I can make good, I can kill. rushing your mouth into me; risk of deceptive, pains and weeping is high.
 Iam the sepulchre of souls,  no matter how you painted me with colours,
I change not but many souls lust after my colours.
I appeared  good to sinful eyes that would't let me be, wisdom of knowing my nature is total abstain from  using me to kiss.
what do we kiss with or eat with? 
Nomatter how worse is your nature, Lips, stay on my face.
and make my  monring and bed time like rose -garden where faces forget their identity in God.
Until you stop painting me to achieve your evil desires, I will remain only tools of confusion in this world.
I will allow humanities to use me to break each other's heart.
Pastor Emmanuel Brown
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Form of Poetry


Pastor Emmanuel Brown Omojevwe is a recognized and respected pastor, founder, and General Overseer of True Vine Evangelical Bible Ministry worldwide. He is based in Italy, where the headquarters of the church is found. He is a prophet, teacher, evangelist, pastor, preacher, prolific writer, poet, and an international public speaker.


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