Verse Poems

Mirror Chat
by Onyx Perth

Key for symbols used to mark who is speaking

~Other People~ Me {1} (2) [3]

~Why don’t you get some help? There are so many options out

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The Vail
by Robert Rittel


Through the spectrum of ethereal plain,

lights follow the issuing wisdom train.

Spoken of by fair nymphs pointing to those beams,

the Vail of belief  to adore and

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Spirits Thunder
by M.L. Kiser

Sometimes the road will curve to meet one’s soul

as the swooping thunderbird curves on curling winds

and drops to its’ mountain perch.


Within the curve life takes

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Beneath The Cat Willow
by M.L. Kiser

The willow blushes in the Sun’s caress,

such a colorful personality lending its’

ambiance to the greenwood.


Tiny catkins peek from morning bud-beds

to greet the dawn of this

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Rivers Collection
by M.L. Kiser

The river pours itself down lakes and streams;

along its way, collecting its baubles;

drift wood, rocks, feathers and leaves for its scrapbook.


  It likes to wax

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Knowing God
by Regina McIntosh


When I was five, I asked the Lord…
To please protect my mom, my world
He whispered to my soul, “I will”
And went on

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We're never that far apart
by Chloe Ebelhar


I still remember the day when God called out for you

It never occurred to me that you’d be the one I’d lose

I know that you

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Broken Silence
by Chloe Ebelhar

The silence that we hear

Is the worst curse of them all

It’s forgiveness never given

It’s a warning not to fall

If you knew not to wait

Would you

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by Chloe Ebelhar

I have a little bird nestled in my head

Flying through the dreams I've had in my bed

Its soft wings hold stories untold

They whisper at me

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Thorn In My Flesh
by Racheal Chitondwe

Thorn in my flesh

You’re a thorn in my flesh

A thorn in my foot yet I carry on

Suddenly I am unable to translate the pain I

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Lost souls
by Raynolds Moseamedi

Scream if you must

But know it is only the two of us in this emptiness 

And if my words lack trust 

Understand humanity is marked by ignorance.



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Shot in his behind
by Robert Kinard

Shot in his behind

Wendell just getting off work,
And was headed home

by way of his favorite place to chill,
a lively place called<>

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Please stop it
by Rick Wood

Don't tell me what to do man

Okay? Please? Don't

Because I'm an adult, ya know?

I got it, really

You don't have to lecture me

On how to do

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by Bobbiejo Schlageter


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We Live
by Paghunda Zahid

We live in this world as if we own this place

How we behave as if we are the masters of our fate

We talk, we walk

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I am Nothing
by Paghunda Zahid

I am nothing,

Standing right in the middle of nothingness

Doing a lot, but nothing,

Gained a lot, but nothing

Worth nothing____ absolutely nothing,

And waiting, waiting for something

That too

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Who Cares
by Paghunda Zahid

who cares if we exist or not

Who cares if we our hearts are fill  with joy or sorrows

No matter how much we care about others


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And He Cried
by Paghunda Zahid

In front of impending disaster

He stood there

Right besides the operation theater

Watching his parents

going mad with pain

A thousand thoughts were flowing in his mind

What would happen

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We Wait
by Paghunda Zahid

And we wait... We wait for things to get shway

For life to get sweeter

For water to get warmer 

For Air to get gentle

We wait for oxygen

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Screams, Screeches, Groans and Wails
by Paghunda Zahid

Screams, screeches, groans and wails,

Brutalities, agonies, torture, and blood,

Tear Gases, pallet guns, bullets and bombs

Humanity sobs, world is falling apart


Kids are blinded,

Men are

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Yet Again the Door is being Knocked
by Paghunda Zahid

Yet again the door is being knocked
For ages it’s been closed

Who is there?

The Sun looks down

Breeze Halts!

Tulips raise their heads

But the Cascade is still

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by Nina Stoner

The waves crashing to the shore,

Like i've seen it all before.

The words spill out of my mouth,

Shivers rot down my spine.

The fear of death enters

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The Storm - Matthew 8
by Michael Popovici

The boat,

            smooth sea,

                        tight sail,

                                    the bow slices the



Men at ease with their Leader,

                                                their Friend.

As ripples sing lullabies to their Man.


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Ugly Queen
by Donna Tymec


Looking for acceptance in this dark world
this queen's eyes can't see.
But amear ugly duckling castine a shadow upon thee.
So no one can

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Forgive you, Forget me not
by Donna Tymec

Forgive you Forget me not!

Why must you try?
Do you try to make yourself feel better?
Do you try because you want my mind

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