The lover gives, does not take

Written by mohamad safan |
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In all nations the lover gives

He didn't wait a reward every one wants

He must give his soul to who loves

Even everything is bad but who loves must be happy

Is the most desire that he tries daily

The roses smile when their lovers smile also

The weather is happy and sadness goes faster

Don't hate your self and help other

Give your hand to who needs you sooner

Don't let the poor suffering

The life is happy when the peace is covering

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Author: mohamad safan
ai am a writer and have more blogs for children, family,financial and women. i wrote also books at Amazon and lulu publisher. I have books for children and family. i love reading and writing poems and stories. i like nature and green plants. roses and flowers make me happy. i love winter and summer. rains make me happy and fresh air.
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