The Small Dog from Shansi

Written by William Kekaula |


There was a scholar from Shansi City,
Miffed by folks he stayed in an priory,
Peaceful, but bothered by its many bugs,
So he bundled like a baby in hugs.

One night, two little knights with plumed helmets,
No more than two inches high with gauntlets
Hands, topped horses the size of grasshoppers,
Held falcons sized-like flies for the slaughters.

They raced crossed my floor at the greatest speed,
Another of them ontop his own steed,
Held a bow and arrow, instead, with him,
A small dog sized-like an ant filled with vim.

Behind him came a great army of men,
They held falcons with dogs just like him,
The bugs rose to flee but the falcons slain them,
Dogs sniffed out fleas ate them with no problem.

All cracks and crannies, the vermins were dead,
Scholar still pretending to sleep instead,
Then one rode clad in yellow and a crown,
He climbed the couch and he looked all around.

The men gathered neath him and paid homage,
They spoke a strange tongue, he had no knowledge,
The king climbed on a chariot and his
Guardsmen joined him with the greatest of ease.

Then off they went in a blink of an eye,
His men pursues with a victory cry,
Sounds like someone just scattered lots of beans,
The scholar rose, astonished to the scenes.

But then he looked at a brick by the wall,
A forgotten small dog not scared at all,
Scholar saw that the small dog was quite tame,
Leaps to bed, eats bugs, returned whence he came.

He feared the next day it be gone but no,
Stands on the brick leapt to the bed, it know
Its hungry, eats, then leaps back to the brick,
For days and nights, the small dog did the trick.

Until one day the scholar took a nap,
The small dog leaped by him and also slept,
The scholar had awaken, then he saw,
Flat dog like paper, as if one had draw.

Copyright ©

Form of Poetry


Author: William Kekaula
I am a retiree of the hospitality industry, presently, residing in my birthplace town of Hilo, Island of Hawaii, a.k.a. Big Island, in the 50th State of Hawaii, USA, and as a writer, I have a passion for poetry, fictional and nonfictional short stories.


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