Time Before

Written by Brian Sluga |
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Rocks, water and strong wind


it was like time before 


a time when life was secluded and untouched 


as if man never existed 


pristine grass covered hills


no litter, no pollution just nature


it wouldn't last as years gone by 


man corrupt by his making dominated the earth


no giant or fable could save earth from destruction


scooped-out lakes made by the hands of slightly crazy giants


often outwitted by the hero of the story, 


imagine, the excitement caused by the birth of Paul Bunyan


a mere fable in time but still told


a hemisphere naturally better


now bristled and overcrowded


our world now has a failing sense of identity 


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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Brian Sluga
I am a Poet / Songwriter / Change Management Mentor / ASCAP member. I recently started writng seriously again. I write about life, love, struggles, and passions. Looking to get a poetry book self published in 2018. Cheers
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