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I am a Poet / Songwriter / Change Management Mentor / ASCAP member. I recently started writng seriously again. I write about life, love, struggles, and passions. Looking to get a poetry book self published in 2018. Cheers

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My new book “Not Just My Poetry...It's Your Life, Too “ just dropped on Amazon to buy. My poetry invokes the diversity and relates to the similarities that I have experienced across the world. People feel, love, and remember life in many similar ways.  Celebrate your life and loves!

“What a great way to escape and focus on the important things in life!”

“…these poems calm my soul”

Husband/ Author / Change Management Agent / ASCAP member/

I have come to the time in life where my mind thinks I am 21, my childish emotions say I am 13 and my body is asking for a month off.



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