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My Quick Trip to Dubai: A Two-Day Itinerary

"Dubai, with all of its glitz and glamour rose in the heart of the desert." The first time I understood the reality of this quote by Soroosh Shahrivar was as soon as my plane started descending. From the window, I could see a desert with golden sand, when in a fraction of a second, Read More

Taipei, Taiwan: Facts, Travel, and Points of Interest

Taipei city is a modern metropolis located on the northern tip of Taiwan. As a capital city, Taipei is known as a prominent economic and cultural hub. This island has a lot to offer with years of contested and exciting history.  Being among the best in design and shopping to a city full of Read More

Hong Kong, China: Facts, Travel, and Points of Interest

Hong Kong is a colorful, dynamic, and self-governing metropolis located on the southern coast of China. The name Hong Kong means “Fragrant Harbor” due to its deep-water harbor which is enclosed by mountainous terrain, the South China Sea, and Pearl River Delta. It is this harbo Read More

Top 10 Strikingly Cool Buildings and Architecture in Dubai

Meet any person returning from Dubai and you will hear raving accounts of their wonderful and fascinating trip to this metropolis in the United Arab Emirates. So, what is it that makes Dubai a favorite of travelers? While it most certainly would not be one singular genre of attraction, Dubai particu Read More

About Dubai

Dubai makes up one of the cities of the seven Emirates. Among all of these, it is the most densely populated and advanced Arab nation. This top 5 tourist destination strategically sits on the coast of the Persian Gulf to the south-east. The city has attained international recognition due to its massive infrastructure projects which include energetic architectural designs like the world's tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest indoor theme park, as well as the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel. It is notable that the city is located within a desert and was partially constructed on manmade islands. The Palm islands in Dubai were reclaimed from the sea and feature primarily modern residential houses, water parks and aquariums.

Discover and explore Dubai, a city in the country of United Arab Emirates. This online guide of information, articles, and photos of Dubai helps you explore the attractions and points of interest of Dubai. It is located on the continent of Asia and its GPS coordinates address is latitude 25.3 and logitude 25.3. [Map of Dubai].

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