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10 Travel Fears and Phobias: How to Overcome Them

Have you ever been anxious when traveling? You are not alone. According to recent research finding up to 20 million travelers suffer from some form of phobia, and many more are uneasy with certain aspects of travel from airplanes to the teeming crowds. Travel does require one to leave their comfort Read More

About Yemen

Flag of Yemen

Yemen is a country within the Near East region of the continent of Asia. This country has a population of over 21,456,188 Yemeni people and covers an area of 527,970 square miles. The capital of Yemen is Sanaa. The country's GPS coordinates address is latitude 15.552727 and logitude 15.552727. [Map of Yemen].

Discover and explore Yemen. This online guide of information, articles, and photos of Yemen helps you learn about the cities, natural attractions, and Yemeni culture.

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