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Moon rules over the twilight,
Owl captures everything in his sight.
When moon is out the moonflower glows,
Meanwhile,the cool wind swiftly blows.

All the creatures are gone to sleep,
Along the lake rocks are in a heap.
The bed of glass reflects the moon,
To be morning it is too soon.

Owl is every creature's keep,
As he is the only one left to peep.
The cool wind becomes a little fast,
Everyone is going to be to awake at  last.

Over the feathered edge,the red sun rises,
All want peace instead of crisis.
The energetic hare runs on the moors,
Everyone get ready to go on their daily tours.

Sun rules over the new era of morning,
The flowers bloom as it is spring.
Light englufs the whole world,
You can hear chirping of every bird.

Once again twilight is going to rule,
Darkness will cover every molecule.
Dawn will also comeback,
the same story everyday goes on the same track
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Form of Poetry


Author: ALAN marsh
I am a 12 year old school boy


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