Twist, twist

Written by mohamad safan |

The heart is twisted 

Like a dancer did 

When one heard 

A melody 

Telling something important 

Showing the heart interesting 

In hearing a talent 


A bout deathless love 

Giving and sacrifice 

As the heart may advise 

To share your love 

In inner heart without fear 

That is not enough 

Giving a dream 

In rosy 

Your eyes are opening 

They are not closing 

Or even doing 

As the lover near 

By your side 

Telling a proud 

That is found 

By meeting 

By eye 

There are no eyes 

As many are tided 

Room four eyes 

Those are showing 

Into one is observing 

Into one I known 

Heart and eye 

Whose eye? 

The two lovers saying 

They are swearing 

That belongs 


They are true 

The love must do 

Tie them and go 

In the race of life 

The feeling is appeared 

In lips when they say 

When they smile in a way 

Of shiny 

There may be some fault 

Or saying wrong 

But they return in fast 

Saying in frank 


The mind know 

The heart go 

In green valley 

To share the rosy 

And dancing with fly 

Around the world 

Telling the talent 

The love is important 

If it is clear 

Ending, no beginning 

With holy tie 

That is only 


When one says 

The angels go in ways 

Spreading roses in away 

To show the smart tie 

And slow the time way 

To give the love amusing 

In tie 

The morning will stay 

The nights go away 

The willing increases 

The heart flame appears 

Trying to get calmness 

By sharing calm of heart 

Another and say 

That is my desire 

That is my love 

Who will give 

The mean of life 

For only 

Long way


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Form of Poetry


Author: mohamad safan
ai am a writer and have more blogs for children, family,financial and women. i wrote also books at Amazon and lulu publisher. I have books for children and family. i love reading and writing poems and stories. i like nature and green plants. roses and flowers make me happy. i love winter and summer. rains make me happy and fresh air.
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