Until Then

Written by Brandon Connor |
Published on:
Believe me, not far, it’s right down the road
Take back what you brought, and pick up all your litter
We unpack the car and head off with our load
Our kids are safe at home with the sitter
From that tree we took a leaf nearly ten years ago
when I spoke from the heart and she sang from the jitters
From these woods we took memories, now to them we owe
a comfortable picture of us with the world down below
for someday one of us will have to return all alone
But until then he just leaned back and kissed her
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Form of Poetry


Author: Brandon Connor
Brandon Connor is 24 years old and has been writing seriously for roughly 6 years, but has been practicing the craft since he was child. He has written a few novels, as well as poetry and a number of short stories. He has extensive experience in subjects like mental health, small business, art, as well as persuasive or otherwise professional writing.


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