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When mighty rivers flow upstream

And oceans turn to sand

When forests cease to birth their trees

And mountains leave the land.


When sun no longer lights the day

And moon deserts the night

When stars extinguish one by one

And distant worlds shine bright


When friends no longer think of me

And I forget them too

When birds are silent in the trees

And spring does not renew


When gold and silver turn to rust

And diamonds melt like snow

When thunder sounds like music sweet

And winds no longer blow


When you and I are strangers

And your face to me unknown

When all our years together

Are but chaff in wild winds blown


Ere all these things have come to pass

I’ll lay me down to sleep

And rest content eternally

In the everlasting deep





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Form of Poetry


Author: Michael Henry
Born in Ireland and raised in England, I have travelled widely both before and after my arrival in Australia which I have called home since 1966. I have a Certificate III in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). I have also edited texts for published works. Now, with working life behind me, I'm looking to indulge in my passion and see what the future holds...
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