Wiping Away My Tears

Written by Twana Lawler |
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Wiping Away the Tears

I felt the brush of the wind against my face

That is when I was taken to that Holy place

My head bent low as a tear hit the dirt on the ground

This is when I knew that the Holy Spirit was around

He was wiping away the tears and comforting my fears

A smile approached as the light shined through the dark

This is when I decided that this feeling I never wanted to part

A second tear fell but it was a sign of happiness praise

From this day on I will continue to keep my hands raised

Raised unto the Lord for all that He has done in me and through me

This bright light that illuminates from me is for all to see

He wiped away my tears and He comforted my fears

Divine wods written by Twan Lawler

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Author: Twana Lawler
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