Woman a symbol of power not pain

Written by Alishah Ali |

A woman dressing herself looking into the mirror realizes how time has changed her into something she was not. Some days can bring a lot change in you and others are those that can change your appearance, personality and almost everything. Same happens with a bunch of women in this country every year. 

A person’s first impression of you will mainly depend on your appearance from the way you dress to the way you walk. However, there are some of those who get sympathy at first and everything stays at rest. A GIRL is usually treated with kind hands as they are called Pride of the family. Every action of her will be considered as representing her every single member of the family, I know that makes no sense still there are people who want their daughter, sister, wife or who so ever to act the way that pleases them. They sat on their heads as a master and want them to act upon their will. If not, they’ll be facing the total destruction one way or the other.

Talking about acid victims, burnt victims, deformity or the girls who are forced to get married at young age or the one doing work as maid in order to keep her family running. They all are treated as Muppets whose strings are in the hands of their so called family or guardian. If I say, that they are being considered as Robots then that wouldn’t be wrong. At a young age she is handed over with a list of what to do and what not to, growing up she get used to of the eyes on her and some lucky enough learn to fight on their own and others don’t. Similarly, if I talk about those who are burnt to death by their own family over marriage or honor killing seems to me as if these girls were no human, no law in this world allow anyone to burn them and justify it. If they are not acting upon their wish, sometimes I wonder how cruel this world that we are living in; there are men who throw acid on their wives just to torture them and to ruin their lives.

The survivors of acid attack are left with nothing but scars, first they fight for their own life lying on bed for months after being able to stand on their feet they are still not able to face their own self. After days of being kept in a room when they are able to accept and go out, there comes the world with shocking eyes on them to make them feel as they are some other creature that’s never been seen before, the words they hear are all sympathy but nothing else even though no one allows them to be social or work them under the same roof. They started feeling useless as there’s nothing left for them to do.

They cover themselves in burqa to avoid those eyes, to hide those scars that are given to them. There are not too many who accept them but there are few like Masarrat Misbah who give these victims a reason to smile. A place like beauty salon where people come to enhance their beauty and there are those to treat them with no such prominent features and still have no complains and a smile on their face. I met some of those who got recovered from that horrific incident and live their lives as a blessing despite of all the pain, hardship and loss they are still so passionate about things they want to do, only if our society becomes acceptable towards them. Everyone feels pity while listening to the stories of these victims they say few words in their favor as to show some sympathy and the other day they forget about them.


A man is always considered as powerful and a head for everything. It’s still normal for some men to beat their wife or daughter for small mistakes as not making food according to their taste or for not cleaning the house or you can say they just find a reason to raise their voice and hand. In every home, there is a woman who faces the world with a bright smile and goes to bed in tears. A woman is standing as a pillar of strength for her family. A home where there is no woman that will be not considered as home.

A country where there is a lot to think about other problems, how can we move forward when our ground and pillars are not strong? Where there’s no justice for women, where people are still fighting for their right and end up giving all they had. Every day we come across new problem and there are even greater problems for the girls

Who travel alone there always a fear of kidnapping, harassing or someone stabbing if girl gets dressed up she’ll be taken as attention seeker if she’s wearing a lipstick there are eyes taking her as prostitute. A country where a mother has a fear to send her daughter out, where girls have no longer choice to marry her loved once, where a wife is scared of her husband and mostly keeps her mouth shut where a daughter don’t want to live in a cage.

I just wish to see a better world where a girl looks in to a mirror and find herself beautiful despite whatever she faced she could smile and could consider herself a superwoman where she survived after all this, she could get dressed up without thinking about others opinion. She could be free to make her own decisions and to live in the society that is acceptable and free of judgments. Where pain is not the other word for women where women is not taken as a victim or someone to act upon their wishes. Where there is respect for everyone for every gender. 

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Author: Alishah Ali
A normal being with many extra ordinary dreams, i like to write but not what exactly i feel just what comes to my mind and i think that's where the uniqueness starts. I'm not a regular writer and i guess no one is but yes i do like to write.


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