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                Background of the river and his 

                 heart skipped a couple beat's

              pulsing like not just any worthy of

            seeing, touching, smelling,  enjoying

              It's beauty of hypnotizing waves 

          captured and attracted the Blue Nile

She held his eyes in a unknown forsaken trance

 Her smell ,exotically , pulsates and vanishes into dark illuminating night air surrounding him

His invently mouth moved as (I imagined him at my feet) ,

no sounds made such sweet silent poetry ,( kneeling at my feet )

she waited his every movement for she was ready to command 

He took a step closer and held her beautifully diamond shaped eyes in that trance he so possessed

her irises were made of stars  glaring right through me .

My balance threw the Blue Nile into a 7th Wonder as they blink

The river had its mind of its own, roaming tidal's aggressively heeded for land

Vibrations around her foot lead into a type of dancing for him .

As her hips shook rhythmic like the waves swaying left to right , he was frozen to a time of unknown unity ready to be reunited 

He was hypnotized by all the goddesses and gods  , realizing she is my mistress soon to be my Queen

.A fanatical Goddess 

He fell to her feet and blessed , worshipped,  honored , and thanked the God's  for listening for this unknown creature 

She is one of a kind , By the Nile , Now Smile

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Form of Poetry


Author: April Belin
April LaDawn Belin , 33 yrs old, Native American of the Navajo Nation from Na'ah'teeh Canyon, Az .Pursing a career as an International Writer/ Poet/ Illustrator/ Lyrics/Scripts/Screenplay/Holiday Cards/Photographer I reside in Holbrook, Az . Creating an illusion with words and drawing can't describe how much it's very much part of my life . I enjoy daily , to express my one of a kind creations.
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