Narrative Poems

The Glass Orb
by William Kekaula

In an e'er thus oft agitated contorted crystalline world,
Unconsciously being tinseled by the energies that transpire,
Flurries of fakery enshroud the encircled glassful menagerie.

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That About A Face
by William Kekaula


Previously responsible for concerning an adolescent resplendent facial hallmark,

Awarded to privileges and sanctioned embellishment favoring enhancement,

Over time,

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Plain Truth: Christmas
by William Kekaula


HARK, a majestic consequence substantiates itself, bribes throughout a period that steads neath overcast skies,
Such being the case, should time regress and

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Dante's Inferno
by William Kekaula

An overcast sky blotches a caring Sun's sympathetic warmness, diffusing
confidences of a blissful
Consolidates a desolate soul, filled only in despair of inflated apprehensive

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Twilight Descension
by William Kekaula


Bats fickle genteel soles of twilight, as swart crown abandons an errant moon,

A moon burrowing, framing a forest, while

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by April Belin



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The Testaments
by William Kekaula



Behold, the essence of aubergine and a trail of sparkles yields the moment to radiant reds, like a breasted robin of autumns abandon legions in

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The Darkest Days
by Michaela Sizemore

the days that are the darkest

are the days where the sun doesn't stop shining

but the wind roars insecurities into my ear

the darkest days aren't the

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by Alex Cridland

Alcho pops and Top Shop crop tops

Woo's in the air, hands with no care

Hips in sway, hair astray

Mistakes in full swing, a story for tomorrow

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The Story In My Head
by Emmanuel Adedayo Ojelade

(Sounds Of Silence)

Would I have had it any better in life?
Why would it be me?
Why would he hurt

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An Outstanding Spirit
by Tosanmi Gbenebitse-daniel


I would crave your indulgence

To the book of Daniel

So you will see the need

For the spirit of God to hover around

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Lustful Youth
by Tosanmi Gbenebitse-daniel

               LUSTFUL YOUTH

The world is filled with vanities

The lust of the eyes and flesh in entirety

Behold how the great and mighty has fallen

Because of beautiful

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This Organ Vagina
by Waveney Lander-Walters

This organ vagina:

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the
Beholder, so does this organ have eyes?
the power of evil

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Crying In The Rain
by Tim Hoffman

≈?≈ Crying in the Rain ≈?≈


Beautiful eyes crying in the rain

Liquid lines revealing her pain

With a fake smile, she says it’s okay

But her aching heart

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