Written In The Stars

Written by Donna Brattain |
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encrypted stories told to long lost galaxies curled volcanoes erupted writing on moon-lit stars bragging to claim first prize on Haley's comet dual dragonriders entwined on Orion's belt diamond sweetened blood his taking drink two way street? goblins drive single routes crassly sold me to trump's lowest bidder daemon-dotted air whipped ongoing battlefields no trophies given for wins or even golden ties ebony chess wars down patted onto powdered boards broken pawn hung headless, dried at hunter's portcullis might have crawled in shadows claiming my space but now dusty veils pursued midnight arches roughened hands clasped drugged, sea percussions crashed into sands laced in broken hourglasses pebbled mud caked into hard, pueblo masks no Grimm fairy tales books to hold or clasp close fluttering like tinker belle in whirled tornadoes for now he became the glittering Goblin King shiny arched, posing upon throne of grayed ashes granting whimsy actions until petitioners plead no lies bloody fireballs crashed depth-less, dark oceans solid love heavily sunk into watery crypts coldly drowned, eaten by rabid sharks Frenemies made closest allies in war-torn lakes bowled laneless, traced by poisoned fish food I gargled, I choked, I whined; Don't forget me loved him beyond satin cliches, pure sugarcane truth frozen elysian drained dry as he greedily feasted dragged stoned on beaten altar of goblin kings and his things dirty red carpets stank of manure, stars gleamed black
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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Donna Brattain
I am a mother of 5 beautiful children.. in middle of divorcing a Goblin King.. wannabe King anyway. My children are my life and first in my life. I am who I am .. aren't I?


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