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When I fall asleep I wake up in another place.

A different time, a different world, a different face.

Everything is so vivid, so real, so different, so breathtaking.

A different life entirely, these dreams become intoxicating.

Sometimes these dreams are filled with alternative roads.

These are more like nightmares, my mind corrodes.

Some dreams are filled with demons disguised as friends

So well disguised that I never know till the dream ends.

So, between the dreams and the demons, I never feel at rest.

Between reality and my mind not quieting, I’m obviously distressed.

Some dreams where we are happy, where nothing went wrong, where nothing is lost

where nothing is broken, and no lines got crossed.

These dreams, these worlds, these other realities

these thoughts, these voices, these other possibilities.

They won’t shut up, they won’t go away

they never give up, they’re here to stay.

They’re always fighting for the drivers’ seat

when I fall asleep, that’s me accepting defeat.

So, between the dreams and the demons, I’ve allowed these things to nest

Between reality and my mind not quieting, I’ve allowed these things to manifest.

Sometimes I wake up in different places

different times, different worlds, different faces.

I worry that one day I might give in and go on dreaming

give in to the fantasy, the temptation always increasing.

But then I don’t know which one will take my place

so I come back, I wake up, just in case.

If I let go of the wheel I know it won’t end well.

There are demons in my mind if you couldn’t tell.

So, between the dreams and the demons, I think it’s clear why I am stressed.

Between reality and my mind not quieting, I must keep it all repressed.

Some of them help me take care of myself, some like to jest,

some like to whisper, and some like to test.

Even with these issues, I keep them to myself as best I can,

a way to try to fix some things, I’m trying to make a plan.

I just hope I am not too late,

Sometimes it is hard for me to concentrate.

Through drawings, through writing, I try to communicate.

I don’t mean to agitate. I don’t want to instigate.

I really am trying regardless of what you believe,

I am not trying to deceive.

So, between the dreams and the demons, you can tell I am not at my best

Between reality and my mind not quieting, you can clearly see I’m not just depressed.

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Form of Poetry


Author: Onyx Perth
I am starting over again, multiple journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, that I had written in since I was 16 were lost and stupidly I did not make copies. So, I am trying to start writing and drawing again in an attempt to possibly remember some of them or at least give them new life by rewriting them now that I am older.


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