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Being a parent is definitely not an easy task; however it is not impossible as well. Everyone shares this common dream of getting a good job, choosing the right match, falling in love, getting married and becoming a parent. Wanting to become a parent is one of our instincts as human beings. Imagine having your own little family who loves you dearly and gives you all the positive vibes in the world! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

When you become a parent, you must understand that your role as a member of the family has changed from just being a wife or a husband. Now you have become a mother or a father, which is a blessing so many people wish to have. Therefore, you need to be thankful for this heavenly gift! Moreover, you are now handling more responsibilities and carrying out parental duties. Does that sound like too much stress? You have every right to feel overwhelmed, but remember, your kids will always be the reason you hold on and never choose to quit. Simply, seeing your children everyday is a pain killer. In other words, when you come back home after an exhausting day and your head is filled with thoughts then you see your child giving you a warm hug, that hug would wipe away all of your pain and end your worries for at least a short period.

Kids have this magical influence on their parents. They have an inexplicable power which would one way or another make you never able to stay angry with them for so long. This power is called “love”; parents know very well that parental love is a sacred and genuine vow which is created between parents and their children. Every other rule could be broken in a home except for this specific one and only rule “Love”.  No matter what goes on between you and your kids, your love to them and their love to you will never be questioned. This is of course as long as you carry out your role as a good parent to them. In order to be a good parent to your kids, there are several concept and values you need to adopt. A good parent is someone who listens carefully to his/her children and gives them his/her ears attentively. Listening to what your kids want to tell you is one of the simplest yet most important things you could ever offer to your kids. Dedicating time to your children is essential for developing your relationship with them, plus it makes them feel loved, appreciated and worthy of attention. It is always good to make them feel that their discussions are interesting enough to be heard and taken into consideration. Another thing you should know: a good parent is someone who uplifts his/her children’s spirits by motivating them and encouraging their mental, emotional and physical growth. When parents give advices to their kids, they need to make sure that their attitude is understandable for their kids’ age and convenient. The tone of speaking definitely makes difference and affects the child’s psychology. If you raise your voice a lot, there is a big possibility that your child would fear you more and would want to avoid any argument with you. You must teach your children that making mistakes is normal and totally okay, but we should learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat them again. Your kids need to feel reassured every now and then, so your positive comments and support would matter to them.

Your presence in their life is a priority and not an option. Your family is your number one priority. A real parent would genuinely give his/her all to their family and wait for nothing in return but love, appreciation, care and kindness. At the end, you really need to know that everyone can become a “just parent”, but not everyone can become “a really good Mother” or a “really good Father”!  Choose wisely and leave a good print in your children’s personalities. They take after you, and they regard you as a role model… now it is your turn to be up to their expectations of you. Your children are a reflection of you!

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