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Alcho pops and Top Shop crop tops

Woo's in the air, hands with no care

Hips in sway, hair astray

Mistakes in full swing, a story for tomorrow morning


Let loose let go, impossible to say no

Smile on the face, music getting played at increasing hast

Tonights for fun and running from the sun

Uplifted by friends, uplifted by joy.......Ahhh that Troy?

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Form of Poetry


Author: Alex Cridland
Hello, greetings and welcome! I am a freelance writer from London who is here for my love of writing. My passions include reading, movies, music and getting ignored by my fiancé's dogs. I am looking to do creative writing as well as reviews; whether it be for movies or breaking down lyrics and their hidden meanings. In all honesty I will endeavor to write anything that you want me to.


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