For Granted

Written by Nadine Oraby |
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We take life for granted and we think we have forever, but we don’t.

We take our health for granted until we catch a cold,

People never value their youth until they’re very old.

We nag and brag, but what is it all for?


Our time is consumed in merciless hard work.

We’ve mistaken the road!

Sounds like we’re trapped behind a locked door;

But can we find us a rope?

Or any string we can hold?

Or any shape we can take or form

To save ourselves and get out of this cyclone?

No rescue. We only wish our cries would reach our lord.


Then we turn around and ask: “it’s whose fault? Shall we blame ourselves or blame our world?

What happened to our dreams? Is it high time we mourned our glimpse of hope?”

We’re so crumbled underneath such an overwhelming load,

And we’re burdened so much that we’re almost about to explode...


We take life so seriously to the extent that we can no longer even fake a laugh at a silly joke.

Alas, we wonder: “why are we so bored?”

It’s true; we’ve become so bold…

Whenever we want to take a break, our responsibilities start to unfold…

Whenever we start thinking about what we can afford,

We giggle because we remember how much money we wasted on food of all sorts

And now we’re broke!

So shall we ask for one more loan?! That would be so dope.


We are always in a hurry as if we’re tracking a stopwatch.

We don’t have time to go out and explore;

We spend more time sitting alone,

And prefer to be completely on our own.

Thinking: “As human beings, what is really our role?”


We barely now say yes to see our folks,

It is often “we cannot” or “so sorry, but No.”

Are you wondering about the cause?

We’re only overtaken by duties and exhaust,

So it’s easier to answer your questions by just saying: “I don’t know.”

Or maybe not even respond at all,

Or just agree and say “okay sure, of course.”

Our worries or woes are expressed in just an “oh”!



Texting has replaced phone calls,

And now we meet on social media platforms,

Rather than actually go out and have real talks.

We even order things online instead of shopping at malls.


We compete for writing the best Facebook posts;

Because likes and comments now express acceptance better than words…

Photoshopped pictures have also become life goals…

We share a lot of news that is most probably fraud.

It is a socially constructed community that plagues us all…

Yet we try so hard to fit in and cope…

In a socially constructed façade that manipulates our thoughts,

And fills our heads with non sense standards that are mostly false;

We’re dictated how to think, speak, love, shut up, cry and even when to remorse!

And so on and so forth…


What is more, we surprisingly happen to go there by no force.

Then, in a blink of an eye, we find ourselves wrecked and heading towards our downfall…

So we rage and roar and break like never before,

To sum up and say: “we’ve lost control and we’ve taken life for granted, only to realize we’ve wasted our time doing things of absolutely no worth.”



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Form of Poetry


Author: Nadine Oraby
I am Nadine, I am Egyptian and an English Literature TA at University. I am an English and Global Perspectives teacher at an International school. (IGCSE). I am a poet and writer. I write articles and scripts for YouTube channels.
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